GoldCar rental – after holiday experience #RipOff #Scammed

We hired a car from Goldcar and the counter staff came over as very pleasant and the car was excellent and great value £32 for 5 days hire in fact it was fantastic, OK I paid £1100 deposit as I didn’t want their insurance and a £95 fuel deposit.

We returned the car and at 5am in the morning with nobody about dropped the keys through the companies key drop with a note where it was parked BAY 8 about 10 foot steps away.

Took videos of the collection damage and return damage etc so fully confident that there ould be zero issues even found a petrol station open at 4.45am to fill it up, again took pictures of the speedo to confirm 8 from 8 bars and full.

I’ll add it’s helped working for AVIS/Budget car rentals for 3 yrs as they pressure you to find damage and your performance is monitored to makes sure your hitting targets etc.

my youtube video shows how they only marked 2 bit of damage when it clearly shows 6-7 clear areas of known damage.

So a week on a check my online credit card bill and I’ve got a charge £157 from Goldcar with no contact / email from them to the reason why!! and my fuel deposit is returned £9 light again no reason why. It was full on drop off (pic to back this up)

cc state

spread my video about and make sure you back yourself up with pics as well, rentalcars app reminds you to take snaps when you collect the car and stamps them with time and date, a very good idea #Evidence

Youtube scammed by goldcar

Need to get watchdog UK on the case or good old Roger Cook to shame these scam artists, what get my back If I decided to defraud my insurance company or steal somebodies credit card and use it I’d be in serious trouble, so how are these getting away with it ?????

I’ve contacted nationwide about this and hope they can move in and help me out, twitter looks like a good place to ask goldcar about the charges!! as finding an email addy is useless.

Check out the forums – HERE  and HERE  very good site HERE

great reply on trustpilot(well you didn’t take the insurance so we can charge you what we like basically HERE

I hope you find this blog and decide it’s probably worth using another company and spending slightly more for a service that’s honest ?? please comment if it’s helped.

I’ve already spent hours worrying about how I can get a resolution to this fraudulent charge.

The clock in the car is an hour fast, we actually dropped it off at 5.02am

petrol gauge

Wonder why we bothered searching at 4.45am in the morning for fuel only to be conned for extra charges anyway ??

petrol receipt

So we enjoyed the cycling training camp so much were probably going back, will we use these guys again ? lol I think not, strange thing we used them in 2011 at Murcia and had zero trouble.

Right update 14th March 2017, they have all the evidence and are refunding me the 180 euros back.

twitter reply

minus the fuel charge yes it’s not a deposit there’s a tiny charge hidden called Vehiculo Nuevo 4.96 euros, OK new vehicle so what? so 4.96 e turns into £8.51 back home no idea still!!

deposit charge

So I await my deposit and after 3 days worrying about the hassle of getting it back, I’m pretty certain I’ve not won. It’s just hassle I didn’t need after a great 5 days away.

You kinda start thinking why bother next time? surely Mallorca tourist board, Goverment should step in and stamp this out, is it nit hurting there business model?

As always a problem shared is a problem halved even if nobody reads this I’ve removed it from my mind and we have peace 🙂 now go ride that bike.


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