Buzzing for 2018 golf season and can’t wait to get up and running full time.

step by step what we would like from 2018

  • move into category 1 (5.4 or below early season and maintain it) Done Feb 5.1
  • Added 26th March, get to 4.4 ASAP 🙂 #SmallSteps then season goal 3.4 !!
  • 2 lowest gross score wins in the season (added 28th March 2018)
  • Practice at least 2 times a week minimum (build up sessions for competition days)
  • work on flexibility 5 times a week (2 rest days) (hurt back March muppet)
  • Play for the first team #scratch and maintain a spot (important goal) played 25th April lost 3/2 (enjoyed it, new learning cure spot 5) 
  • Continue to work with HEADSPACE and the easing the mind
  • Make fewer mistakes #FatalErrors #CardWreckers (in progress 2 mistakes 36 holes double bogeys May 6th )
  • Remove yourself from golf and enjoy quality family time (relax)
  • keep smiling, enjoying the game and the company.
  • Stay focused enjoy being solid and predictable on the course.


more to come

1 Comment

  1. Looking back, glad I wrote this blog things went sour I hated golf and actually putting tasks down in writing doesn’t work for me sadly. I more let it happen than over think it with strategy and plans etc.

    Golf is great it’s a hobby so no more tension with GOALS, enjoy enjoy enjoy

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