Trending in the right direction #Nice

Fantastic start to 2019, found squash again after many years out and the buzz the joy it gives along with the endorphins is simply amazing, 2 league months in and regular competition has been great especially over the difficult winter months (I hate the dark and cold) being busy has seen my moods change also, 20+ hours a week out of the house and dealing with people again has been just perfect along with the extra cash.

Being positive and getting back into work after 4+ years looking after Cameron has improved my ability to stop drinking as much along with a great suggestion that we use the DRINKAWARE app. did you realise that in 2019 they recommend 14 units a week?? a 440ml can of Guinness is 1.8 units a pint is 2.3 units (6 pints per week is your limit) the classic Endomondo stat figure was how many burgers you had burned on the workout and the drinkaware has the same concept but how many burgers / how many minutes running you need to do to remove said DRINK!!

I’ve had a cold this week and normally I feel sorry for myself and slip into a few beers to help the process but my brain is finally working and food not alcohol is more important, it needs to repair itself not fight another round of TOXIN input, has it really took 31 years to get this through! I’m now a low risk drinker which is nice. best part is I’m going to treat myself for drinking less surely that’s better than treating myself to extra TOXIN!

Headspace 133 hours and 625 sessions, my 2 years is up in 3rd July 2019 not sure I’m goin to renew as I seem to have a grip of reality at present and maybe a little less help might make the mind stronger seeing as it’s going in the right way.

SO a new treat Tecnifibre carboflex 130 racket on order đŸ™‚ it’s not going to hurt me! Hur t the pocket @ £65 lol easy come easy go.

right wafffle over, go well improve and yes get a grip or at least let somebody help you get that GRIP! now if I could just transform my improved thinking into a GOLF game that would be great.

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