February squash ladder promoted to A3

Smart stuff managed another promotion to A3 another tough league campaign ahead, Rich Godfrey, Steve Rhodes, Chris Lloyd & Alan Bourne

Game 1 v Chris Lloyd on Friday 10th February 2012 ~ well Chris took this 3-0 not in the best of minds old shoes mainly due to mine still not back from Wilson (never buy Wilson) and then the great new booking system double booked with the school being in an hour later we get on court RUBBISH, 3.05pm i lost the 1st game 9-7 flaming shoes never felt stable (4 yrs old) then it was downhill 9-0, 9-5 game over 7pts to Chris 1 to me

its time to quit and with things to do in March no time for squash oh well its been good!

March 2019 – It’s really good to read back on my feelings and mindset, super confident as low as hell a few weeks later and given up again !!!!!

A new mindset in 2019 https://russrice.wordpress.com/2019/03/27/trending-in-the-right-direction-nice/

2011 – my racket info: Tecnifibre carboflex weight 130g

Dunlop Aero gel Amr Shabbana signed 137g (not for me)

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