You can’t out train a bad diet or MIND !

46 years old still not learning, still in the hole. one of my quests is to get lean and not just look fit but actually be body confident LIKE most people RIGHT?

My quest starts off with good intentions and a few days maybe a week in my mind takes over and oh it’s OK to hit the crisps, nuts, biscuits chomp chomp no worries I’ve got like a 1000 calories in the bank, that squash match that cycle ride has helped my scoff the whole cupboard and were back at start.

for 5 years I’ve gone sideways the mind has been massively improved but my fitness ambition had dwindled, @ 46 you have one chance to stay fit and healthy. As in other blogs my alcohol consumption has been fantastic with the help from the drinkaware app 14 units per week or less has seen a big up turn in my views on drinking. Headspace and now Audible has also helped greatly. books such as the chimp paradox and my current listen The subtle art of not giving a fuck have swung my mind and views with good positive thoughts and less I feel down or low I’ve even learned that maybe I’m not depressed more emotional based low and highs. It’s OK to feel low now and then but just make sure it doesn’t last the whole week đŸ™‚

AS normal I right this on the cuff, it probably doesn’t mean much to others but it always helps to share my thoughts through the blog.

The plan

20th May 2019 is the last day before my 6 week plan, get control of your eating like you have with drinking 85kg needs to be 80kg at least, remove the GUT. Portion sizes, track food intake again don’t cheat. 7pm cut off (unless your out with matches)


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