When one of your friends takes his own life after battling with depression, it opens up your mind to how your feeling, having struggled with over thinking, anxiety in many sports/life. It’s time to do something about it and get control.

I’ve been gripped by stress and anxiety over a silly issue with chipping on a golf course, where it’s so hard to actually think straight or even take the club back, a few weeks back BBC had a really good show on mental health and a brief glimpse into techniques on how to control these none positive feelings. It’s silly you can do everything in practice yet put a pressure situation into the mix and you FOLD.

Last week was mental health week, and this Sunday I had uncontrollable nerves again so something needs to give, cue the search for a remedy!!

Android store has options, headspace is a good guided meditation app, searching youtube you have plenty of stuff to use, Michael Sealey is excellent and having settled down for 10 mins I ended up drifting away for 36 mins 😉 a nice feeling.

I’ll post back soon with my findings and if they helped me cure the issues on the golf course and at home.

Busy mind be settled.


Should you remember that date? or is that going to make you think about it for longer? always over thinking, so is the plan just to forget or is it best to remember? difficult question and can you tell me what’s the best plan?

This time were 100% doing this as a team, I’ll use the word quit drinking but really what are we quitting? I like this mindset and I like the way Allen Carr talks about it in his book. Yes were back with the how to control alcohol books ethics, rather than quitting I just like the statement or quotation! pour your GIN, Rum or Whiskey NEAT no mixers and take a gulp. Does it taste NICE? the answer is NO so why the hell are we pouring this crap down our necks still?

I guess watching last nights 2nd episode of MIND OVER MARATHON ON BBC1, It brings it home how you feel and how others feel, I labelled myself as Jake. He was either full on up for it or seriously couldn’t be arsed to do anything. OK I can get around the latter and drag myself out, especially if the bikes involved but in the last week I’ve had a hamstring issue and it’s kept me in the house and my mind is going overtime!!

I was ready for an argument as the stress (no idea why I would be stressed I’ll add) luckily I dived into a bottle of dark rum and I mellowed out, for some reason drink does that for me, I’m not aggressive and it does help, take my mind of things, some times I feel I might be an alcoholic in the making, mainly as I don’t need it every minute but if I miss a day I’m on edge (I’ve missed out on something) I’ll read the Allen Carr book again soon try and abstain from it for a period again more YOYO.

I get down on my body shape and have great intentions to get real fit proper fit a SIX PACK style fit. that lasts about a week and a bit like I feel my life is it’s all about THE YOYO.

I have a love and hate relationship with cricket, golf. I can be so motivated and then if I never see the bats again it wouldn’t bother me. Luckily I’ve for a smashing little four year old who is mad keen on sports who drags me out 🙂 I’m sure it’s supposed to be the other way around???

2017 I need to change be more positive and use that to move forward, drag all the negative thoughts out of this mind and crack on, life should be 100% fun. Remember Russ you only live once, get cracking at it.

One thing I miss is what I call my home cricket club, I’ve loved playing for different teams but there’s that one club that you start from and it really is YOUR CLUB. sadly it’s too far away having moved and the main person who got me into it fully has issue’s with them and is no longer involved, so that’s OUT the question in my books, so there needs to be an incentive for me to carry on again, think that’s the case in question with the golf as well, feeling it’s your club your home your place. Maybe I’ll find that soon at another and settle down again and love it like I should.

I’ll add I’ve got great support from the wife, in fact I think she’s the ideal shrink sometimes, good job she qualified as a counsellor.

As always I think this blog on wordpress, really helps. GET IT OUT YOUR HEAD AND RIGHT IT DOWN ON PAPER !!! (well the cloud, web etc) THE minds to busy 🙂 

If you’re a new member like myself you see a list of clubs you can use your away points but no idea of the location of the club, golfshake is good for club reviews!

Playmore course

So we start the list

  1. Bletchingley (Surrey) RH1 4LP
  2. Carden Park (Cheshire) CH3 9DQ
  3. Celtic Manor (Newport, Wales)
  4. Cold Ashby (Northants)
  5. De Vere Selsdon (Croydon Surrey)
  6. De Vere Staverton (Daventry, Northants)
  7. De Vere Wokefield Park (Reading)
  8. De Vere Wychwood Park (Crewe)
  9. Dore & Totley (Sheffield)
  10. Fairfield (Manchester)
  11. Formby Hall (Liverpool)
  12. Hadden Hill (Didcot)
  13. Henlle Park (Oswestry)
  14. De Vere Herons reach (Blackpool)
  15. Hillborough(Sheffield)
  16. Houghwood (St Helens)
  17. McDonald Aviemore (??)
  18. McDonald Cardrona (Pebbles Scotland)
  19. McDonald Linden hall (Morpeth)
  20. McDonald Portal (Cheshire)
  21. Magnolia park (Wycombe)
  22. Maylands (Romford Essex)
  23. Pike fold (Bury)
  24. Ramsdale (Notts)
  25. Reddish vale (Stockport)
  26. Sandilands (Skegness)
  27. Shaw Hill (Chorley)
  28. Southwell (Rolleston, Notts)
  29. Stockley park (Oxbridge)
  30. Studley wood (Oxford)
  31. The shropshire golf centre  (Telford)
  32. The Wychwood (Oxford)
  33. Twisted stone formally traditions (Woking)
  34. Ullesthorpe (God’s country aka Leicesteshire)
  35. Westridge golf centre (Ryde Isle of wight)

decent effort by PMG 35 courses

I struggle with my mind at best yet I seem to invest in mind occupying devices over the last 5 to 10 years, I’ve always been a STAT keeper mainly due to cricket, but the last few years it’s been golf with ZEPP swing analyzer or last 6 months GameGolfLive or hole19, GolfShake.  I had a period of play 6-7 years ago where my friend! decided it would be great to berate my chipping and 100% it affected my nerves and love for golf.  I always thought my golf was better than my cricket. But sadly I lost the love and as in life, you lose interest when progress stops when you’re seriously competitive!!!!

The problem is you need LOVE we all do, but as men are destructive but I hope soon I’m going to get this solved again, the friend is no longer, in fact why would you see him as a friend?

Back to the gadget’s they help a lot especially the range finder, why wouldn’t it? pin the pin yu have exact distance it’s not luck, you get it close! GameGolf tells yo after the round how far you hit it and where #BONUSINFO, Zepp is like a cheap trackman . Hole19 is a good community and score keeper and GOLFSHAKE is a great forum along with handicap tracker.

Is it too much? probably need to cut it back and play FREE #FreeMind old adage grip it and rip it, take shots on, fcuk it 🙂

Then we have the bike, garmin 1000, power meter, heart rate strap, cadence is this taking the fun away from the SPORT? fresh air and freedom v strava madness and racing everwhere, this surely can only lead to more STRESS?

As always my blog is about MY MIND and how it works (badly in most cases) if you write it down surely it must help? comment if it does, I don’t get many replies 🙂 other than a few likes.

You know what, I’m going to come good and achieve something very soon and the feeling sorry for myself will be no more. time to ditch the bad memories and friends and move forward fully and try and be less STATTY!!


27th March 2017

I love a variety of sports and last year well for 6 months, I threw myself into golf until as per usual I got a call (Fancy cricket again ??) and off I went and messed all my plans up.

I missed out on cycling also, so I needed to find a space for that also.

My year at Nuneaton was enjoyable and met some good friends and acquaintances in a short time. Problem is I love playing other courses and justifying £1100 to one course and becoming a one track pony like most Isn’t for me. So when PMG popped up £325 for 80 home points and 20 away, that sounded like my option for at least a trial YEAR!!!!

Sunday comps will cost me 8 matrix points, so you’re getting 10 comps or play Friday afternoon at 13.04 it cost me 2 points BONUS hey? Proper Ullesthorpe court members get 10 day booking window while we get 6, so if comps are booked quickly your stuffed?? early days we will see how that goes. Both UCGC and PMG system’s work well together if you see available times on UCGC they show up on PMG. well they did but Saturday and Sunday aren’t giving me an option to book any whatever time I ask for. (first issue? can I book for Sat,Sun)

Remember this is an honest assessment if PMG is going to work or not 🙂

Screenshot (4)

Playmore.golf website

Motivation is back 👍 and we near a 500 mile month (486), doesn’t sound a biggy but it’s been 18 months since I’ve ridden anything like. We also today (Sat 25th March) completed the 7500mtr climbing challenge, not bad seeing as most of the rides 17 in total didn’t offer much altitude 😁

I’m not a premium strava member I don’t see the benefit as garmin’s own software has all the info that strava doesn’t show unless you go premium. I know they need to make a living but I’ve already shelled out £500 for a garmin 1000 so think I’ve put back 🙂

So I take a screenshot of my monthly achievements (If any I normally don’t bother)

Screenshot (3)

We hired a car from Goldcar and the counter staff came over as very pleasant and the car was excellent and great value £32 for 5 days hire in fact it was fantastic, OK I paid £1100 deposit as I didn’t want their insurance and a £95 fuel deposit.

We returned the car and at 5am in the morning with nobody about dropped the keys through the companies key drop with a note where it was parked BAY 8 about 10 foot steps away.

Took videos of the collection damage and return damage etc so fully confident that there ould be zero issues even found a petrol station open at 4.45am to fill it up, again took pictures of the speedo to confirm 8 from 8 bars and full.

I’ll add it’s helped working for AVIS/Budget car rentals for 3 yrs as they pressure you to find damage and your performance is monitored to makes sure your hitting targets etc.

my youtube video shows how they only marked 2 bit of damage when it clearly shows 6-7 clear areas of known damage.

So a week on a check my online credit card bill and I’ve got a charge £157 from Goldcar with no contact / email from them to the reason why!! and my fuel deposit is returned £9 light again no reason why. It was full on drop off (pic to back this up)

cc state

spread my video about and make sure you back yourself up with pics as well, rentalcars app reminds you to take snaps when you collect the car and stamps them with time and date, a very good idea #Evidence

Youtube scammed by goldcar

Need to get watchdog UK on the case or good old Roger Cook to shame these scam artists, what get my back If I decided to defraud my insurance company or steal somebodies credit card and use it I’d be in serious trouble, so how are these getting away with it ?????

I’ve contacted nationwide about this and hope they can move in and help me out, twitter looks like a good place to ask goldcar about the charges!! as finding an email addy is useless.

Check out the forums – HERE  and HERE  very good site HERE

great reply on trustpilot(well you didn’t take the insurance so we can charge you what we like basically HERE

I hope you find this blog and decide it’s probably worth using another company and spending slightly more for a service that’s honest ?? please comment if it’s helped.

I’ve already spent hours worrying about how I can get a resolution to this fraudulent charge.

The clock in the car is an hour fast, we actually dropped it off at 5.02am

petrol gauge

Wonder why we bothered searching at 4.45am in the morning for fuel only to be conned for extra charges anyway ??

petrol receipt

So we enjoyed the cycling training camp so much were probably going back, will we use these guys again ? lol I think not, strange thing we used them in 2011 at Murcia and had zero trouble.

Right update 14th March 2017, they have all the evidence and are refunding me the 180 euros back.

twitter reply

minus the fuel charge yes it’s not a deposit there’s a tiny charge hidden called Vehiculo Nuevo 4.96 euros, OK new vehicle so what? so 4.96 e turns into £8.51 back home no idea still!!

deposit charge

So I await my deposit and after 3 days worrying about the hassle of getting it back, I’m pretty certain I’ve not won. It’s just hassle I didn’t need after a great 5 days away.

You kinda start thinking why bother next time? surely Mallorca tourist board, Goverment should step in and stamp this out, is it nit hurting there business model?

As always a problem shared is a problem halved even if nobody reads this I’ve removed it from my mind and we have peace 🙂 now go ride that bike.


Why is it never the battery on a Garmin device ?if the battery lasts over 12 months your stuffed as your warranty has run out and your device has failed ?? ring any bells please do tell ??

My FR70 watch needed a new battery a guess what IT NEVER worked again, how hard is it to change a battery ?

So my 2nd HRM2-ss strap and it’s been playing up, seems if you tap it, it picks up a signal then drops.

The fix / cure I visit Decathlon that sell this GEONAUTE ANT+/Bluetooth Smart HRM or even better wear your old strap and test the unit itself as they sell the unit for £15 ideal if you don’t need a replacement strap !! search for heart smart LINK (it’s in the running section)

Sadly again garmin should be renamed GARBAGE

So your choice £39 at wiggle for a new garmin unit for decathlon for £15 ???

Where do we start, I have a great wife and she has a better husband (best leave that for another blog)  flights are cheap (£138 for both of us with 1 extra luggage for Si’s make up etc) we hired out a cracking little apartment above PRO CYCLING HIRE MALLORCA. turns out to be a bonus 🙂 Apartment personal golf buddy of mine £65 a day.

Car hire: Gold car £35 no insurance (£85 extra) so I stumped up £1100 on my card as a damage deposit, I made a before and after video just incase they decide we had damaged it (we didn’t and parked it very carefully also all trip)

Airport took 45 mins and on return we needed to fuel it again Can Pastilla had a BP open at 4.45am (yes AM) it took 6 euros from Puerto Pollensa (cheap or what)

We met Kevin the cyclist from Bromsgrove and gave him a lift to PP, he was taking the bus which looking at googlemaps is about 2hrs at best, so our good deed was done for day 1. he mentioned the bus costing around 12 euros, he weighed in for fuel.

Bike hire for 3.5 days 84 euros and a few flat boring rides, Coll de feminia, Sa Calobra and Coll de se Bataia, JUST WOW get a flight a cruise on the best tarmac available.

Supermarkets expect to pay a little more than home, then again we didn’t use the LIDL up the road we just used the Eroski a 5min drive up the road. Eating out isn’t for the pro cyclist after all and especially if you’re hungry. 17 euros for spag bol ain’t going to cut it.

The next trip needs planning, already thinking of different location in Mallorca maybe Andratx area.