Ticking off the podcasts #Covid19

Passing the time away nicely with podcasts mainly while on the daily exercise, my go to podcast is Rich Roll mainly for endurance athlete’s and how they tick.

2020 list so far and how they rate

Mike Cotty (2015) turns out to be one of my all time fav’s (everyone has a story that hurts to push you on)

~ Byron Davis (swimmer) ~ Phil Gaimon (cyclist) ~ Josh Fielding-Milburn ~ Lance Armstrong ~ Andy Puddicombe (Headspace guy) ~Jesse Itzler ~ Chris Hauth (the coach) (2nd time 16th April 20) ~ David Goggins ~ Wim Hof ~ Dr Jud Brewer ~ Zach Bush ~ Robin Arzon (15th April 20) ~ Dotzie Bausch

New training motto Passion over PERFECT 🙂 oh and Brogan Graham 16th April 20 (November project) James Lawrence (17th April 20)

Shane Parish no 513, Chris Hauth no 514 (new) Mark Manson 476 (how not to give a f&k book)

One of the best so far no 420 Marco Borges (greenprint) plant based stuff, Mishka Shubady actually turned out to be an interesting podcast.

5th May 2020

New rating system (A) = Awesome listen (AA struck a cord)

491- Kelly McGonigal (A) 475 – Amelia Boone (A) 462 – Gwen Jorgensen (A) 442 – Jesse Thomas

417 – Kilian Jornet (good listen but his English is difficult to follow) 401 – James Clear 257 Micah Risk

161 – Luke Tyburski (AA) 53 – DurainRider #Harley (A) the people’s voice always a great listen.

The goods ones keep on coming mid May 2020

443 – Doug Bopst (A) 433 – Kevin Smith (A) Chris Schuhmacker (A) great story. 408 – Ross Edgley (A) swimming round the UK GUY. 351 – Alex Honnald 469 – Laila Ali (OK) 403 – Josh Lajaunie (A) absoltely brilliant story very much worth a listen. 395 – Jedidiah Jenkins 391 – Mike Mahler (OK) 217 – Gary Vaynerchuck

Not for me list (not many)

497 – Gregg Renfrew (no meat) 425 – Tom Bilyeu (wealth don’t care about it) 226 – Moby (voice irritates me ) 180 – John Salley ( no interest in his sport)

Nearly in June 2020 & 109 hrs on the pods to date.

Latest batch, 48- Thad Beatty (audio poor quit) 266 – Goggins (a) 366 & 120 – Michael Gervais (excellent)

422 – Todd Herman 444 Andy Ramage #OYNB absolutely excellent 447 – Cal Newport (a)

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