Learning everyday via podcasts

You are always learning, 47yrs old and the title says I’m always learning in fact I’d say I’m learning more 🙂 I’ve found podcasts and Rich Roll is my new go to listen and boy my mind is so much better listening to a solid chat.

I never wanted to do endurance sports, I guess doing a 100+ mile ride is endurance I did that without really knowing I’m an endurance athlete. Rich Roll and Mel Urie take this to a new level doing ultra events, could I improve my own endurance for a sport I’m trying to make my go to fitness option. I run my long run 5 miles and find it hard it’s more a bad mindset, 3 miles in I’m hitting the wall from boredom so being a beginner I guess I need to build up, #ERROR I’m in a rush that’s why I’m sitting here with a pulled calf in my left leg again (happens a lot) waiting to get better isn’t an option in my mind, I guess that’s the point. A busy mind you can’t sit still you need to be busy isn’t great for stress relief, however cool or relaxed I feel I’m not!

Again I’m writing this to kill some time and remove some excess from my brain again. Most of the time these blogs never make any sense I write it as it comes to me so much like my life it goes off piste pretty quickly. things pop in triggers something else I write it down and bingo ! I’m done and I never ever really read them back, errors happen I don’t care life is short.

Right that’s me today, need to go rebuild my summer bike after the UK winter, not sure how long if any time I’ll get on it this year COVID 19 kinda make you look at life, people in your bubble need to stay safe however blasé you have become or comfy in your own life.

Right stay safe, enjoy your time keep smiling and keep learning. Stay on track LOL good luck with that

Podcast app android good place to start.

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