Evolving the mind 4 months on

Different story in my mind these days, the re programing I did some 4 months back has given me a different outlook on many things. We all hope we can stay solid and continue moving forward into middle age 47 in 2 months time. feel fit I could still be a lot fitter. Can I drive myself to accomplish things I want in my mind?? who knows

The one major issue I want to cure in 2020 is the worry, I just worry don’t ask me why maybe it’s pre built into my mindset, I can worry about anything yet on paper I shouldn’t worry about anything, I’m secure got a good solid family life, no mortgage a decent job that I like. I’ve just bought a new mobile phone yet worried about pressing the BUY button for £280 I easily have that money and to be honest it’s a business tool so I can claim it back. GOD just buy it fast and move on. I think moving on quickly is the future for 2020 onwards seriously just get it done and get it done fast. worry less and enjoy your time on this planet.

As always I you enjoy reading my thoughts, I like to share them it makes me feel better I read a lot of blogs and they make me feel better myself it doesn’t matter if your grammer is poor or it makes no real sense but I’m sure everyone needs to talk more, I’ve 100% felt I communicate better the older I get men need to talk you need to release that brain it gets to glogged up.

Anyway go well in 2020 clear mind thinking, future has lots to offer and I’m going to release my mind and my wallet more moving forward.

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