Subconscious mind calling out #ControlThe Habit

A cry for help and I only just realised a few months late, my mind calling out for control WELL to stop drinking again as your not in control your a passenger to the process.

9th August I cancelled my audible membership today I reinstated it and downloaded the naked mind: control alcohol something new as I’ve used the Allen Carr paper back previously.

7hrs listening to get a grip and be happy AGAIN. yoyo alcohol abuse how every little 4 days off binge at the weekends, not great for health or happiness or in my case my mind.

A good chat can help wonders, sharing on here helps wonders and actually reaching out via this blog helps wonders. Don’t be alone in your quest for happiness sharing is caring, people who love you understand the process and it’s not a chore or weakness.

I will, we will beat this process and be at peace again.

The yoyo aka Russ #KeepSmiling the journey continues!

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