The evolution of a bad mindset = beer

My mind is bad the only thing in my life that is solid and reliable and well caring is my family but my mind wants a divorce from them and it, I’m really struggling with bad thoughts is this down to me drinking more than I should be again? 14 units a weeks has been blown out the window yet again. every week it’s oh it’s a birthday or were away lets get stuck in and drink a bit more!!!! unconscious behaviour

Your goal is to get fit and get your weight down so you look healthy, filling yourself with 6-7 beers isn’t a strategy for success is it? you really need to write this down and re-read it weekly, the weekends are the new no limits, we are really good all week and Friday,Sat,Sun we hit the schools out button and go Banzai. So let’s have a rethink and push the sensible button home again, nobody said alcohol was a good plan did they? ASK yourself why proffessional sports people don’t really drink, it’s a TOXIN and your ability to perform is greatly reduced however much you think it’s helps you settle or aids your mindset.

So #GetAGRip and be the person you want to be, drinking however little isn’t that person is it? So get today out the day and have another think on what you want seriously !!!!

plan started again #REBOOT do I need a WHOOP band ? track my fitness and strain (brain strain) probably not as I will not spend money on anything helpful that helps me, OH except beer that doesn’t the opposite of above. #GetAGrip

Notes this weekend 10th August 2019 is club championship weekend, for us Amateur club golfers a big deal, your the best golfer in the club OFFICIAL, a major the biggest major. so your not drinking plan went straight out the window Friday and hit new lows last night. Again another year you’ve been on the planet and not really learned that it doesn’t work for you.

OMG OMG OMG we arrive here again, actually writing this makes me feel SAD for me. I realyl should have downloaded how to control aclohol from audible after all.

Today toxic filled we enter round 2 76 or less please reboot the brain and get stuck in properly.

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