I want to be happy, things need to change!

This last week things came to a head, things need to change and for the good #PositiveMoves

Relationships tend to take the brunt off the mood swings good and bad, the diet is going strong and focus is important, this weekend (end of month blow out, wasn’t planned) was excessive let’s not let it slip back to bad habits. WE made progress and formed a plan for future commitments as a family, I really think we do more together and form a stronger bond again.

A challenge for July remove FACEBOOK, INSTGRAM and TWITTER from your phone, check gmail less often and get active, the new Galaxy watch active has helped me move more, back In August with a social media experiment update. Can you do a month without checking in 🙂 #YES

Families that play together stay together

AS said in the title I want to be happy but really I have no clue how to be HAPPY! is this a mental health problem? something must give you happiness at some point, I feel like I’m missing out somewhere.

I won my squash league it felt good but it didn’t feel like I thought it might, infact winning anything is more like anxiety than pleasure. I put myself under so much pressure to perform I’m not sure I release at the end of it all and take the pleasure from the result. I don’t keep trophies and really ever look back at my sporting history (I’m using sport as it’s pretty much all I do, a career isn’t for me not interested in status or money, I’d like to be comfortable in later life tho)

Do more make more memories, keep up the drive to lose that GUT #GetFitNotFat be positive and write more blogs they help ease the mindset.

13 stone 1st July 2019 target 12.6 or 80kg minimum, July plan weekend are for fun #Enjoy eat and drink as fit, week days are for serious effort on control and sticking to the PLAN.

Get rid of google in your life download a secure browser and get paid to see ad’s over letting google make all that money. BROWSER tips on twitter 🙂

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