Do you need it? #Marketing #SeedPlanted

Birthday week, should be great for the mind and spirit yet I feel completely deflated and it’s nothing to do with being 45yr old.

I’m not sure if it’s just February and its doom and gloom outlook, dark dingy and normally cold and wet. Not great for the mood before we start thinking about other stuff. Nothing happening and your itching to get on with LIFE. January and February seems to be the tipping point for mood swings. I had it completely under control then Monday I was shopping and I’ve not wanted a beer since new years eve BUT it’s a celebration so why not HEY??? well this week since I bought myself a TREAT has gone down hill fast. I’m pretty sure the chemicals in the stuff sends me into overload.

I’m back on the I need a new car #Marketing #SeedPlanted I’ve let myself down attitude. It was one evening Let’s not go over board. YOUR not broke and by now it’s out of the system again.

The new 2018 LEAF comes out and again the #Seed is due to grow soon being spring. ASK YOURSELF what would Martin say !!!!!!!!


  • Do I need it
  • Can I afford it
  • Have I checked if it’s cheaper elsewhere

If I’m not SKINT 

  • Will I use it
  • Is it worth it
  • Have I check if it’s cheaper elsewhere

full site for reference


So you have a car that sits on a drive 4-5 days a week, you don’t work (DaddyDayCare) you save cash every day by biking the mile to school with Cameron, yet the #Marketing team are working on your fragile mind again, the electric car is the future but yet again it’s not this week or this year FUTURE it’s a 5 year plan.

When you own a 9 year old car that done 33,000 from new and has lost £11,000 in the time, ask yourself is cutting the cost of petrol saving you money?? If you base winter mileage on a Nissan Leaf 24kw you get 75/85 on a charge £3.12 my Abarth does 40mpg so £5.60 per 40 miles so £11.19 – EV will save you £8.07 RIGHT LETS GET IT BOUGHT.

Hold your horses, YOU DO 5000 MILES PER YEAR so you use £700/£800 on fuel, a new car is going to be more to insure, yes but I pay road tax another saving £185. flicking through Auto trader 😦 SHALL I just cut this short whatever I’m thinking it’s wrong. the car your buying is going to haemorrhage funds just like the current model. you buy a 2015 24kw for 12k by the time it’s paid for itself 5-6 years, maybe less if I drove more but then I guess it’s going to cost more to run? your not working JUSTIFY THAT and then it’s paid for itself and it’s lost more than you saved.

Were all on a giant hamster wheel, going round in circles are we happy? you might be happy with your new shiny fresh car in the drive but how long is that going to last before were back here sharing another tail of the mind going off on one.

Luckily I’ve sat myself down wrote this BLOG I feel calmer I’ve done my 15mins on #HeadSpace Meditation and reinvested the little funds I have from a bond that ends at the worst possible time WHEN I’m LOW.

What I can justify is getting fitter, removing the baggage from my life and generally stress out less. Soon be the summer things can only move forward. Sunshine is great for the mind. Maybe I need a holiday home instead 🙂




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