Winter golf – keeping busy #WinterSeries #Midlands #Competition

A new positive mindset in place, I’m trying to keep busy through the winter months. luckily we have a few excellent courses that stay. Brampton is probably the best value #WinterSeries event played every month. £25 is a bargain for 10 prizes and a meal let alone 18 holes as a visitor 🙂 your going to need to go low tho 43pts won October’s 2017 event.

Having visited the Forest of Arden for the European Senior Masters event, just watching the range with Sanderlin and McGinley warming up gives you a good insight in how you should hit the ball.

So with a new love for golf and the BUG again I aim to play at least 4 from 6 events at each course. Brampton £25 (meal), Leamington £20 with the odd Sutton Coldfield £40 (Bacon Sarnie) and maybe Drayton park £25 (breakfast) the main reason for staying active is my poor form early season all be it joining a new club again and learning the course and slopes #UllesthorpeCourt

My playing partner is 61 and off four and a great watch, all under control and enjoys the game a lot. it’s great to see and boy does it rub off on you. I can see me taking a lot from his game and improve mine at the same time.

with the CSS at 72 yesterday and 37pts for Oct 17 at Brampton I should be down to 5.8 boy that feels amazing and I’m starting to believe I can get down to my best every 3.4 or lower (could that be true?)


full results link HERE

I love the scoring analysis from Intelligent golf, it tells no lies and gives you plenty of info on how to get better on every course you play 🙂

hole 10 is causing me issues, a par next month we celebrate 🙂

Scoring analysis

Right that’s it Sutton 2morro, tough track. Hoping for more momentum and a cut again!!

One day I don’t use HEADSPACE and my game falls to bit 😦 Lesson learned.

Sutton winter series result 45th place but I’d lost it by 14 holes 😦


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