Important end of season home course stats and how bad is your course mangement 2017

Honest reflection and REVIEWS

This season I’ve added every round I played on golfshake and every round @  my home course is automatically tracked via intelligent golf. So without being a total fruit bat and beating myself up, the goal is to analysis where you can improve for FREE.

Hole 1 is a hybrid 2/4 and wedge so 25% gain for 2018 possible?


Hole 2 – OK I don’t see much to gain here, pretty decent stats


Hole 3 – tough driving hole but 60% pars for 2018 would gain a slight advantage. also slopey green doesn’t help shot into green. TBC


Hole 4 – this hole is a hybrid 2 or 4 and a wedge, 2 doubles is silly. 81% is fairly solid otherwise. slight gains #NoDoubles 


Hole 5 – you can drive this but looks like it’s not the best option for me. 8 iron, wedge stay safe make the pars, birdies will come #Improve get to 4.0 average 


Hole 6 – increase pars, reduce doubles #ToughHole stroke 1 h6

Hole 7 par 5 and no birdies? improve par rate 60%+  get nearer 5.0 average h7

Hole 8 tought par 4, ditch smack on drive, 3 wood SAFE? get nearer 4.5 average h8

Hole 9 again small gains big difference get the average down to 3.25 h9

Hole 10 – small gains again required


Hole 11 – tough drive small gains to be had get below 4.5average


Hole 12 – fairly easy par 3 again no birdie conversions ? gains to be had


Hole 13 – tough drive gains here lower than 4.5 please !



Hole 14 – par 5 keep it up


Hole 15 – always seem to get down in 2 but not convert, 5.0 average next year please


Hole 16 – my nemesis in 2017, get the drive sorted please AVERAGE 4.0 in 2018 h16

Hole 17 – got it sorted 6 iron, wedge simple easy layup par. average 4.0 another .5 gain here.h17

Hole 18 – tough green, not overly tough should be nearer 5.0 AVERAGE hole18

OK based on all above I could if I played with better strategy and course management save 3.4 shot, so in the real world me being a 6.0 handicapper my goal for 2018 should be 2.6 ? eg 3 handicap throw in away days (20+ a realistic shot next year would be 4 at worse?

more position and thought required then 🙂

my last 5 rounds stats from GolfShake

Screenshot (2)

Amazing read I always want the ball to go in the bunker but it seems I’m fairly crap from them ? 20% sand saves v 34% from the rough.

handicap tracking rounds only 25 facts


Let’s see where 2018 takes us.

Some new features on intelligent golf #Filters #Gross #Stableford




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