Goal setting exercise by Van Phillips GOLF coach #Psychology.

I wasn’t going to set a goal as my goal was to have complete enjoyment in 2017 and not worry about the outcome, good or bad!!

But after a bad start, I decided to get some help and signed up for Van Phillips after finding some excellent videos on #YouTube

A letter to myself October 2017 (season end) 

After a successful start to 2016 season gaining 4 single wins in the season and finishing 3rd in the player of the year over 15 events, I’m looking to move on and improve my ability to relax and control my anxiety with this I fully removed all barriers my mind has in place and use the belief and Optimistic views/outlook based on Van Phillips guided videos.

Starting the season on 8.3, the goal of 6.0 or under was achieved with ease having moved to 7.5 by Mid June 2017. With one victory in May at Llanymynech, my personal game goals were to shoot 40+ points in a stableford comp, I won 4  more times with one being a medal at an away course claiming a trophy in the process and finally shoot +2 or better on an away course.

I reflected on obstacles that need to be removed and review the processes, pre-game expectations, neutral mindset before a round. I Learned more understanding eg: every shot cannot be perfect (1-10 marks) I changed my physiology #Smile #BodyPosture and felt really great before mid and after the round.

I remove the thoughts you can’t do it eg: mindset 3 putting, duffed chips and even if this happened it has no bearing on the future it’s a one off EVENT! I understood it wasn’t the norm, everybody makes that mistake, it’s not the norm and it never has been.

I Planned and committed to every process, and only executed the shot when I had the full plan!! I never doubted my ability from 14th June 2017. The FOCUS, patience and best of all avoid the frustration that wrecked my game, was removed and no evidence it will ever come back, I allowed myself to make mistakes and fully used it for better in the next situation. I trusted my judgment and excepted however good or bad the outcome.

It was a great season, really enjoyed every round and the new club for me works so well, the experience gained from playing away day as been invaluable and a must for ongoing season.

I hope to continue to use the instructions to be a better person in mind and body, along with the weight loss and being fitter and more confident into the next season.


Instant results with a positive mind #HeadSpace and #Belief 

The very weekend after I wrote this I had my 2nd medal win @ My home club and took the president’s trophy. keep the faith, you have the skills and the new mind to complete the tasks ahead.

2017 wins and prize-winning places and handicap at time. 

Win Llanymynech AM/AM – May

Win President’s trophy – 18th June – handicap 7.1 

6th place Druids Heath 👍 £40 voucher and balls for a two (5 balls)

2nd place Walmley Am/Am solid along with long drive win 🎯

3rd place in the Friday monthly September stableford with 38pts (back on track 7.1)

3rd place Anniversary week men’s open medal 76 – 69 (3 putted the last ARGH) but 6.6 🙂


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