The Journey 2017 onwards

Months back I spoke about beer and burgers and the YOYO part of my life, @44 you would think by know, I’d have full self-control what I put in my body? and not be destructive!

Well, it seems the last 3 weeks my brain has woken up again, the mirror doesn’t lie, you’ve been LAZY!!!!!! the question is do you want to get OLD fast? carrying 1 to 2 stone extra and becoming a sofa surfer isn’t going to get you looking or moving better.

biscuits 118 calories substituting the 3 weeks off beer.

Sugar addiction is RIFE it’s in the new most weeks, one day a glass of red win is great the odd biscuit isn’t going to kill you but how often do we eat one biscuit or 2? plus stuff goes off quick, so we chomp them down to avoid throwing them away and wasting money.

I had my first beer yesterday after a good drowning on the golf course, and it was most welcome and to be honest it wasn’t horrid and very much enjoyable but there is a downside I wanted MORE. luckily I resisted for once. It doesn’t happen normally but maybe as I stated above it’s sinking in FINALLY!! I’m hitting the weights at home and doing the Zen dude fitness rope jump challenge 4 times a week at least, get motivated and get the body moving more and reap the rewards finally.

Less talk more action #GetFitNotFat be a young 50yr old or an OAP? your choice.

I believe the mindfulness, headspace techniques are good for me and worth persisting with 10-20 mins a day to chill relax and rethink is got to be good for a busy mind.

I read on a forum somebody used the term, Gerbil on speed it’s stuck with me I reckon that’s my life, brain working overtime and going crazy 24-7, time to quiet down the gerbil and get control of the emotions finally.

Right that’s it hope it makes sense, sadly I won’t re-read this or correct any grammar errors etc it’s just me sharing the thoughts in my head and hopefully clearing out the garbage ready to start a FRESH

Go well all 🙂

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