Mindfulness – Over thinking!

When one of your friends takes his own life after battling with depression, it opens up your mind to how your feeling, having struggled with over thinking, anxiety in many sports/life. It’s time to do something about it and get control.

I’ve been gripped by stress and anxiety over a silly issue with chipping on a golf course, where it’s so hard to actually think straight or even take the club back, a few weeks back BBC had a really good show on mental health and a brief glimpse into techniques on how to control these none positive feelings. It’s silly you can do everything in practice yet put a pressure situation into the mix and you FOLD.

Last week was mental health week, and this Sunday I had uncontrollable nerves again so something needs to give, cue the search for a remedy!!

Android store has options, headspace is a good guided meditation app, searching youtube you have plenty of stuff to use, Michael Sealey is excellent and having settled down for 10 mins I ended up drifting away for 36 mins 😉 a nice feeling.

I’ll post back soon with my findings and if they helped me cure the issues on the golf course and at home.

Busy mind be settled.



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