Life is like a YoYo ups and downs

I guess watching last nights 2nd episode of MIND OVER MARATHON ON BBC1, It brings it home how you feel and how others feel, I labelled myself as Jake. He was either full on up for it or seriously couldn’t be arsed to do anything. OK I can get around the latter and drag myself out, especially if the bikes involved but in the last week I’ve had a hamstring issue and it’s kept me in the house and my mind is going overtime!!

I was ready for an argument as the stress (no idea why I would be stressed I’ll add) luckily I dived into a bottle of dark rum and I mellowed out, for some reason drink does that for me, I’m not aggressive and it does help, take my mind of things, some times I feel I might be an alcoholic in the making, mainly as I don’t need it every minute but if I miss a day I’m on edge (I’ve missed out on something) I’ll read the Allen Carr book again soon try and abstain from it for a period again more YOYO.

I get down on my body shape and have great intentions to get real fit proper fit a SIX PACK style fit. that lasts about a week and a bit like I feel my life is it’s all about THE YOYO.

I have a love and hate relationship with cricket, golf. I can be so motivated and then if I never see the bats again it wouldn’t bother me. Luckily I’ve for a smashing little four year old who is mad keen on sports who drags me out šŸ™‚ I’m sure it’s supposed to be the other way around???

2017 I need to change be more positive and use that to move forward, drag all the negative thoughts out of this mind and crack on, life should be 100% fun. Remember Russ you only live once, get cracking at it.

One thing I miss is what I call my home cricket club, I’ve loved playing for different teams but there’s that one club that you start from and it really is YOUR CLUB. sadly it’s too far away having moved and the main person who got me into it fully has issue’s with them and is no longer involved, so that’s OUT the question in my books, so there needs to be an incentive for me to carry on again, think that’s the case in question with the golf as well, feeling it’s your club your home your place. Maybe I’ll find that soon at another and settle down again and love it like I should.

I’ll add I’ve got great support from the wife, in fact I think she’s the ideal shrink sometimes, good job she qualified as a counsellor.

As always I think this blog on wordpress, really helps. GET IT OUT YOUR HEAD AND RIGHT IT DOWN ON PAPER !!! (well the cloud, web etc) THE minds to busy šŸ™‚Ā 


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