How did we live without TECH? oh and nerves, stress #BeHappy

I struggle with my mind at best yet I seem to invest in mind occupying devices over the last 5 to 10 years, I’ve always been a STAT keeper mainly due to cricket, but the last few years it’s been golf with ZEPP swing analyzer or last 6 months GameGolfLive or hole19, GolfShake.  I had a period of play 6-7 years ago where my friend! decided it would be great to berate my chipping and 100% it affected my nerves and love for golf.  I always thought my golf was better than my cricket. But sadly I lost the love and as in life, you lose interest when progress stops when you’re seriously competitive!!!!

The problem is you need LOVE we all do, but as men are destructive but I hope soon I’m going to get this solved again, the friend is no longer, in fact why would you see him as a friend?

Back to the gadget’s they help a lot especially the range finder, why wouldn’t it? pin the pin yu have exact distance it’s not luck, you get it close! GameGolf tells yo after the round how far you hit it and where #BONUSINFO, Zepp is like a cheap trackman . Hole19 is a good community and score keeper and GOLFSHAKE is a great forum along with handicap tracker.

Is it too much? probably need to cut it back and play FREE #FreeMind old adage grip it and rip it, take shots on, fcuk it 🙂

Then we have the bike, garmin 1000, power meter, heart rate strap, cadence is this taking the fun away from the SPORT? fresh air and freedom v strava madness and racing everwhere, this surely can only lead to more STRESS?

As always my blog is about MY MIND and how it works (badly in most cases) if you write it down surely it must help? comment if it does, I don’t get many replies 🙂 other than a few likes.

You know what, I’m going to come good and achieve something very soon and the feeling sorry for myself will be no more. time to ditch the bad memories and friends and move forward fully and try and be less STATTY!!



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