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27th March 2017

I love a variety of sports and last year well for 6 months, I threw myself into golf until as per usual I got a call (Fancy cricket again ??) and off I went and messed all my plans up.

I missed out on cycling also, so I needed to find a space for that also.

My year at Nuneaton was enjoyable and met some good friends and acquaintances in a short time. Problem is I love playing other courses and justifying £1100 to one course and becoming a one track pony like most Isn’t for me. So when PMG popped up £325 for 80 home points and 20 away, that sounded like my option for at least a trial YEAR!!!!

Sunday comps will cost me 8 matrix points, so you’re getting 10 comps or play Friday afternoon at 13.04 it cost me 2 points BONUS hey? Proper Ullesthorpe court members get 10 day booking window while we get 6, so if comps are booked quickly your stuffed?? early days we will see how that goes. Both UCGC and PMG system’s work well together if you see available times on UCGC they show up on PMG. well they did but Saturday and Sunday aren’t giving me an option to book any whatever time I ask for. (first issue? can I book for Sat,Sun)

Remember this is an honest assessment if PMG is going to work or not 🙂

June 2017: I’ll add I’ve played 7 Sunday comps and had no issue booking in via the GOLF organiser @ Ullesthorpe

The system works 🙂

Screenshot (4) website

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