The Mallorca cycling xperience

Where do we start, I have a great wife and she has a better husband (best leave that for another blog)  flights are cheap (£138 for both of us with 1 extra luggage for Si’s make up etc) we hired out a cracking little apartment above PRO CYCLING HIRE MALLORCA. turns out to be a bonus 🙂 Apartment personal golf buddy of mine £65 a day.

Car hire: Gold car £35 no insurance (£85 extra) so I stumped up £1100 on my card as a damage deposit, I made a before and after video just incase they decide we had damaged it (we didn’t and parked it very carefully also all trip)

Airport took 45 mins and on return we needed to fuel it again Can Pastilla had a BP open at 4.45am (yes AM) it took 6 euros from Puerto Pollensa (cheap or what)

We met Kevin the cyclist from Bromsgrove and gave him a lift to PP, he was taking the bus which looking at googlemaps is about 2hrs at best, so our good deed was done for day 1. he mentioned the bus costing around 12 euros, he weighed in for fuel.

Bike hire for 3.5 days 84 euros and a few flat boring rides, Coll de feminia, Sa Calobra and Coll de se Bataia, JUST WOW get a flight a cruise on the best tarmac available.

Supermarkets expect to pay a little more than home, then again we didn’t use the LIDL up the road we just used the Eroski a 5min drive up the road. Eating out isn’t for the pro cyclist after all and especially if you’re hungry. 17 euros for spag bol ain’t going to cut it.

The next trip needs planning, already thinking of different location in Mallorca maybe Andratx area.


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