There is no PLAN for 2017

Yesterday was my 44th birthday and I have no plan for 2017, I have things to do but no real energy for a full on plan. Golf membership is sorted all be it a limited variety for 2017 over the full gas option from 2016 with 3-4 games a week required, it’s not gone as planned so as usual so has my motivation for it, but I’m not quitting this time 🙂

The cycling tour is 2 weeks away my training has been well LACKING as per the last 2+ years, I’ve not lost biking but it’s not as important as it once was for my MIND, maybe that needs to change again.

I’ve invested the MTB as you’ve probably read in previous posts and poker has taken the boredom away from the daily DaddyDayCare grind, I need to add variety to my riding and days, Cameron loves his bike and football maybe that’s the motivation to get fit again and stay fit? you’re going to have a 4+ yr old running rings around you? well maybe in a few years time.

I’ve not retired from the C (cricket) word again but I feel it doesn’t offer quite what I need these days, maybe I’ll play but I’ve again the last 2 years I’ve not been interested which Coincides with the cycling mileage?? if your not training for something then your not motivated I guess.

I still want my VW transporter but probably overkill based on the level of motivation for cycling etc, plus additional cost not really required, it always seems easy to spent 3-4k than buy something for £20 strange that.

Mid-life crisis possible ?





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