MTB build GT Aggressor XC1 triple to single setup!

The latest fad over the last few years is single front ring,  problem is it’s worn out I found the spec truvativ blaze 3.1  crank, remember change is good as a rest.

I need a crank puller ( I borrowed the park tools CPP-2 works lovely)

My single ring is a 30T remember I’m digging the 22,32,44 set up so with a 11-34T rear cassette over the 11-32 it came with It should give me just about a decent range for Cannock chases hills !! hopefully.

Not 100% sure yet whether I can use the original chainring bolts, even tho the chain has done 50 miles I’ll swop it out and use it when the new chain is killed off !

My single front ring is off ebay RaceTI branded £20

I’ll add the crank bolts been inserted 🙂

Test ride today the 30t is excellent but the 32 rear is hard on steep climbs, I’ve got a new 34 coming not sure it’s going to make much difference!

This is a good read 40+ would be nice

Going tubeless at least on the rear with the diy conversion, 3 punctures and a 3 mile walk wasn’t great today. Alex rims DP17 only 6 years old should bodge nicely.

Link to sunrace 11-40t 9 speed cassette and codes etc HERE and there other HERE


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