Boredom killer, addictive again :-) #Poker

I’ll start by adding I’m no gambler and my house will not be repossessed on the back of this mission. I’ve had a few spells at poker will good success OK I’m not making money so I can live. But when you start to look a bit deeper and look at skill set and how much you could actually make a week if you play correctly !!

It’s starting to appeal again more, I’ve had a few practice 4-5 hr games to make sure I’ve got stick ability and so far I’ve dug in and made especially the last few days a steady bankroll.

You have the freerolls at CardsChat if you fancy a free taster session, you need to be a part of the forum banter to gain access tho.

I’ve always had the Greg Raymer approach, SET A BANKROLL Whether it be 10,£100 or £1000 and when it’s gone it’s gone #YOURDONE Quit !!!!!!!

There are so many challenges to be done to build your stake #BankRoll and to focus on the big picture, I need to beat my biggest win £862 on Mansion poker !

Get busy enjoy yourself and the best thing I can work from home and continue my #DaddyDayCare duties

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