11 years on the POKER table

2005 I found POKER and my love affair with the card game has grown, I played a lot at the start and never allowed myself to get beaten up mentally with what I thought were bad calls etc when mostly it was getting far too busy eg playing too many hands !!

You’re always learning and having started playing again #OnlyOnLine no time for visiting casino’s and leaving the family for 5-6 hrs +

I’ve played so many sites and have accounts everywhere mainly searching for the place you can dominate and win big, cards system that fits your style !! eg loose cannon, the enforcer, throw it in a gamble.

I’m learning patience and like most sport’s if you’re still in the game you have a chance to win or at least CASH OUT.

Back on PokerStars and having some success all be it micro games #LowLimits, I call it boredom control from #DaddyDayCareDuties along with the card chat forum there newsletter got me thinking about playing again, and after an initial deposit via PAYSAFECARD (no charges (banks love there £1.50+ charges for using your money where you want, visit a Co-op and exchange your cash for a voucher and you’re away)

My biggest ever win was at mansion poker £658 what a BUZZ that was around 4am in the morning collection the title, I happily withdrew the funds and played my initial stakes and in time got bored like most hobbies I take up and QUIT !! what a surprise 🙂

SO back in the game a bit like my cycling for enjoyment and killing the time from boredom, funny how you see so much and learn a lot. maybe just keeping the brain active is also good 🙂 on we go !! one day we will be millionaires Rodney aka Liz (only fools and horses)

You always go back to something you truly enjoy it seems, however, painful.


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