The plan, The goal, The Challenge #OctoberMiles

Postponed again lol #HeavyRain day 1 (well 31 days in the month) 

I haven’t been overly committed this year to the bike and I think my mood has suffered because It’s always been great for pushing the bad thoughts out of my head and keeping me more positive in general.

So October is coming up Cameron is back at nursery every day for 3hrs and I have 4 golf comps with only 2 a POTY event (That is becoming less important as the year moves on)

The light is still OK and hopefully the weather, the clocks go back 30th October !!

So the plan the goal is to ride for 31 days riding no days off (probably best to avoid having to rack up long efforts to catch up 🙂  #ThisIsOutdated

with a minimum 1 hrs riding at a nice steady pace 16.5mph should be easy ??? and then no alcohol for the month along with eating the correct foods to maintain the goal !

#31Days lets get it done no excuses as the guy who did the longest triathlon effort ” Sean Conway” follow him on twitter @Conway_Sean

Updated: this was a 1000 mile month but the babysitter aka the GRAN is off on her holidays to Japan for 2 weeks so no extra time to slot missing miles in 😦 so downgraded to just 31 days riding !


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