Understanding your own mind ! difficult

Why is it so difficult not to go completely mad πŸ™‚ honestly the brain chemicals are to blame !!

Motivation early last year I wrote about how eating seemed to cure my mind, not just eating but eating the right things ! but sadly my craving for carbs ended up being OK for the mind (well better) but not for the body (weight gain) So we switched again and moved on to real food and less alcohol intake.

I’m so hard on myself and lately well Saturday I decided it would be nice to kick the little monkey off my back and stop berating myself with any little failure and try and smile through it, rather than make myself miserable all the time ! it happens every time I play sport be it cricket or golf, any little mishap turns into a full-blown episode and the inner chimp takes over and makes it totally unenjoyable.

I think I’m depressed all be it a little, things don’t sit well and my mind wonders so what’s the cure ? no idea but being happy is a must, spending 3-4 days in an unhappy state isn’t good for anyone (especially the family and mainly the wife) not wanting to do anything, however small and then you find the magic cure actually setting out to do what you thought would cure your mindset. eg make the effort to go and do it !!! golf trip, training WOW !

A new challenge with a new cricket club has been a breath of fresh air and something to focus my mind on, maybe I shouldn’t be quick to retire and make it all final at the end of the season like every season and push something good away.

One door closes and another opens, make them count and make yourself happy for once.

Nobody puts pressure on you like you do to yourself, it should be easy so embrace it πŸ™‚

No more turning the slightest issue #Negative from an all round positive experience and wreck the day or moment  !!!! 



  1. Hang in there buddy. Speaking of chemicals, I have found that taking amino acids have helped with my mental state. I too would get a bit down or angry for seemingly no reasons. But for tha past year, I have been regulatory taking Creatine, Arginine, BCAA’s (all post-ride) and L-Carnitine pre-ride (all powder form) with good results. No negative side effects 15 months on…

    1. Mate I’m good well I’m good when I write this stuff πŸ™‚ keeping it in messes my mind up !! Positive mental attitude lately

      1. I hear ya Russ. WInter tends to do me in… but I know it’s a battle for sure to stave off the demons

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