NewOutlook – BEER is like a burger !

New Outlook for 2016

Seriously it seems I go round in one big life circle, Alcohol is a bad drug and its legal. OK I like a drink but it seems my control is poor, just the other day I drank 4 cans of 6.5% #ZUBR. four doesn’t seem excessive but when you decide that drinking slightly earlier is OK so you can cram them in, then your starting the slippery slope to EXCESS !!

So as said before #beer is not going to make you any better at anything other than in your own head, time to cut it out yet again and get control along with better SLEEP !

So beer is like a burger #Statement you wouldn’t eat 2-3-4 burgers every night for a month wold you ? lets get a grip and #GetFitNotFat

Beer is going to be a special treat from now on and please don’t slowly drip back into a regular occurrence !!!!!!!!!

Never get to the point where you put DOING something off, because you fancy a BEER EVER !!



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