Filling the void and the next chapter 2016

I’ve found out a lot about myself over the last few years, and mostly how insecure I’ve been through my life and it seems my lack of confidence (people who know me probably thing that’s not true) but believe me I’ve had issues !!

So after the 2015 cricket season Id had enough and again decided to move on from cricket and take up GOLF again GREAT decision that’s been BUT yes there’s a BUT. I have all week to think about how bad I can play Saturday in the comp and worry myself to bits and become a nervous wreck and then as we all know the enjoyment is LOST !

So after retiring my motivation for cycling another great hobby I found 5-6 years back has dwindled slightly, don’t get me wrong I still cycle but not 150 miles a week and at 100 mph, OK its a hobby and never ever going to be anything more. But it does show that you need goals the wife tells me this and I never listen (I’m coming around slowly)

So the golf is going great but maybe being in a team helped with my motivation and spirit along with something extra to focus my mind on,  I’m in no way drink depended but when I’m low I over indulge a little and then feel even worse after all its no miracle worker alcohol.

So completely out the blue I get a call from local side Bedworth and to be fair its pretty much lifted my spirits again for cricket, its nice to be wanted again. Don’t get me wrong my old club NCC never did anything wrong but I guess like LIFE you need new goals and challenges and even new faces and a different place to visit !!

Nuneaton news wrote this piece on me today which is nice, no low key debut this Saturday then 🙂 NEWS 

Good to be back oh and hopefully add some motivation to stay fit and get fitter still #Lean #EatRight


Onwards then hope this hasn’t bored anyone 🙂

02/05/15 Nuneaton CC - Weddington Road, Nuneaton
02/05/15 Nuneaton CC – Weddington Road, Nuneaton NNJA020515Nuneaton02.Nuneaton CC (batting) v Marston Green CC at Weddington Road Nuneaton – League Match.Russell Rice Nuneaton No3 Bat.Photographer – Jim Jarvis

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