LIGMO- Let it go move on

I was rolling along on the rollers this morning and started to ponder over a few things as always, sleep has been an issue the last few weeks and even tho it seems I need less sleep at 43.

So I’ve found out lately I really don’t like conflict and I’m certainly can’t be doing with  people who don’t follow the rules and then try and tell me I’ve broke them five minutes later when I haven’t !

And I need to be settled for sure, I think I’m a home boy rather than a traveler

So LIGMO – I need to move on FAST and rid these issues from the brain / memory I’ve got a good solid family life and no real issue other than what people make for me, I hope the move to a fresh place in April will do me the world of good and I can start to put down some roots, a bit like before at Hinckley golf club a great club to be attached too.

One good thing in 2016 is I’m being more OPEN and talking a lot to my shrink (aka the wife aka the HOME DOCTOR)

My life is very systematic with every planned down to the TEE maybe I need to be more FREE and uncomplicated (spur of the moment stuff)

Here’s to a better 8 months of 2016 LIMGO TIME 

Oh were doing well with the 90 days cutting back on drinking just 3 days in 2 months, one being a birthday just 29 days to go and the shackles are OFF but lets not slip back to old habits. #ItReallyDoesntDoAnythingForYou


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