Desire in sport (when its leaves)

Face the facts in sport you play for a long time, like my cricket nearly 30 years. So there comes a time you just lose the DESIRE !!!

OK your going to get a lot of chat, you only live once and play as long as you can, your a long time retired etc.

So here’s the BUT if you have another sport to fall into or back on, the void won’t be too large and you can walk away from a sport you truly loved or maybe drop a level and play less ?

I’m in this situation and I’ve been in it for 2-3 years but continued to carry on and battle my thoughts, I’d start the season badly and really not be fussed but then my competitive spirit would kick in and I’d somehow drag the form back.

This year is going to be different I’ve got a passion again for GOLF as you’ve probably read in a previous blog posting, I decided to join the Forest of Arden with the benefits of no contract or joining fee maybe I’ll look at somewhere more golf based in the future but with some still charging massive joining fee’s I best just make sure GOLF is for me again 🙂

Anyway less waffle, Ricky Ponting gave me this thought to write this post as he said his skills and eyes were still good, he just lacked the full desire to keep going ! So maybe I’ve made the right decision to call it a day well for now !!

Onwards to the summer I hate the wet winter months


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