Maybe its time to have another crack at GOLF !

I look back at what a complete fool I was in my teens ( I guess we all can) I think about my sports school teacher telling me I had talent only to quit a few days later (I’ve probably mentioned it before) I didn’t get much support in my early years so I look back at those times and reflect.

If anyone every gave me any support or praise I didn’t feel comfortable accepting it (sounds weird ? ) So GOLF I joined my club got down from 12 to 5 in the first year and everything looked rosey ! my passion was cricket so I flittered between both or a while until cricket took over and the GOLF got binned. ( I won captains day in 1991 but being a junior wasn’t allowed to win the trophy or get my name on the honors board and never got close again 42pts of 6)

I messed about with my letter for Leicestershire county B team and never got selected again (nothing changes) I managed to qualify for the WYKES bowl (Leicestershire) can’t find the archive’s but I lost in the first round to the winner Gilbert Scouler (3&2) lovely guy and ended up winning the event (1992 I had a John Daly Cobra ultramid 7.5 driver with x stiff shaft and hit it like a plank ! sold it much like most of my clubs pretty soon after)

Played for Hinckley in the Observer trophy shot 73 (2 over) around the same time (1993/4) sadly the internet wasn’t about those days. (I remember the captain Tony Beasley kitting me out with new kit) #GoodTimes

So I quit in 2000 and 9 years later had a try again but this time split it with cricket so early start for golf then cricket, doesn’t work I played badly at both sports SO I quit again !!

Even had a few lessons with Michael Beaumont @ St Thomas Priory GC but never felt it helped, or maybe I didn’t embrace it totally !! (European Golf Performance Institute aka Paul Darby)

Another 5 years has passed and the cricket has come to an end and I said I’d play seniors tour 🙂 jokingly but hey you need a goal and something to push for, so I’ve got my form for he nearest club to me these days Nuneaton Golf Course and hopefully I can get in and finish what I started when I was 17 #HowLowCanYouGo

Practice hard keep calm and enjoy what you do (chill out and come good)

You only live once make the most of it, get stuck in and achieve your goals !!!!!!

Always good to write your feelings down, and reflect on your thoughts further down the road 🙂

April 2016 update – I got in a good club after a brief spell at the Forest Of Arden, chipping is improving so should my handicap very soon. Chipping has always let me down 😦


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