The Alpes trip what a lovely place !! well we all knew that

Tour Snaps #Photos

My favourite tour snap from my nexus 5

wpid-wp-1444123340530.jpeg  Beautiful Croix de  fer

The tour 2015 – started September 20th and was soon over 😦  I guess time flies when your having fun 🙂 and it did

One major downside the road/bridge was removed this year at Mizoen to Briancon and all the climbs that side were out of action or a 100+ KM trip around 😦 so no good

We stayed at Les Duex or Les2Alpes a lovely place but not for cyclists start downhill and come back up hill 9km so if your feeling a little tired after some epic peaks its not ideal

Le Bourg D’Oasins would have been the ideal spot for a cyclist with plenty to offer (We missed WIFI) even with INTER SEASON being on in Les Duex 😦 a few bars open only and charging 5.50 euros for a 33cl beer OUCH !

Col Du Glandon and Col De La Croix De Fer are a must from Allemont (Lovely little village with stuff open) not all up it has a a couple of downhill sections approx 1.5miles in total and a few 13/14% areas thrown in with the standard 8-9%

great trip and great memories OH I’ll chuck in the bike hire people Cycle Huez just before the bridge on the main drag up (don’t follow the sat nav)  £142 for 6 days hire of a WIlier GTR with a 32 cassette 🙂 just the job infact a great bike

Check out the playlist on youtube – the downhill stuff saves listening to me PANT !

******* youtube action *********

Nice place to stay if your a SKIER ! Keep it clean tho were still miffed what the 80 euro cleaning charge was for ? (wash a towel and linen in a gold washing machine)


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