Starting with a clear fresh mind in 2016

Some big changes for 2016 and onwards, cricket coaching has been a massive bind over the last year OK it pays really well and you do get more than just a payment seeing the good guys come through.

But I guess its just like being a school teacher you can’t just have the pupils that excel and want to learn you have to deal with the guys who just don’t want to learn !!

So I’m clearing my desk and starting again maybe a few one to one’s in the future or a small elite group, but for now I’m quitting and clearing my mind of the bad stuff 🙂

I’ve not enjoyed playing cricket at all I’d rather watch than play even with a much improved eye sight this year, my motivation has dwindled I hope i comes back one day ? maybe a new challenge is what’s needed DO SOMETHING NEW !

anyway as always I share my thoughts it lifts it away from my shoulders and I can breath again PHEW heavy load removed

onwards to 2016


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