Making positive changes rather than destructive !

As the title says why be destructive ?? No idea if I knew why I wouldn’t do it ?
2015 has been a big eye opener, started with my diet and mood, removing meat and going more carb based has worked 👍 now I just need to cut back on the sweet tooth offerings #NoMoreShortBread 🙈

The food is the key for me, if you eat fatty unhealthy items expect bad things, pizza and burgers, battered fish however nice they look aren’t athletes food or very good for the MOOD ! More control on the diet more effort with fresh food moving forward.

Let’s try not to throw the emotional towel in after every bad moment, enjoy the time and just move on from it FAST 🌞

Do more not less, your a long time retired but lately I’ve been cutting back mainly with my cricket WHY ? Your only as good as the effort / practice you put in !! One bad game on a Saturday can spiral out of control if you leave it a week, #PlayMore

So no more hiding no more retirement talk just get on with it and enjoy it.

Be positive, get moving and enjoy the challenge and get fired up for it, passion is everything in life !!

As always writing this helps put things in perspective 💖 ☺


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