Cycling the classics trip Sept 2015 – flight options (building a plan)

Blogging the trip piece by piece (I hope it helps if your travelling from the UK and mainly the Midlands eg East mids or Birmingham airport)

EasyJet charge £71.40 a bicycle and £35.70 for a 20kg bag worth knowing so you can plan in advance

Staying near or around Grenoble so you get the Alpe D’Huez and the rest within spitting distance, Airport location within 100 miles

Options: EasyJet flight from Birmingham to Geneva (Switzerland) easyjets route map HERE Geneva is 143km with tolls but options to travel other than weekends !!

*** It seems Geneva could be ideal its 143km away from about 1hr30mins by car, flights inc luggage . bike £200 all in and car hire through unirent via holiday autos is again £211 for 7 days (petrol) Skoda estate HERE – this option then gives us Ventoux again rather than the 12hr+ drive from Nuneaton ***

Easyjet go from Birmingham to Grenoble but I guess this is for the skiing season ???

RyanAir flight to Grenoble direct but only from Stansted & Stansted airport is 108 miles from Nuneaton (train to there ??) but again WINTER ROUTE ?

RyanAir Luton go to NIMES (south of Ventoux) 267km to Grenoble and 87km to Bedoin (I see a plan hatching for a cheap flight) downside car rentals shut till 4.30pm Monday WHAT ??? REALLY ??

Flybe do Avignon but only on a Saturday (no good)


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