Dream lines, micro manage and feedback #BucketList options

Work in progress (10th March 2015) 

I’ve been watching Sean Lee @ #1MinaDay YouTube channel and most videos he has something pretty cool to say, I like his vibe

This is ongoing I’ll share my thoughts as they pop into my head but I have a few things I need to achieve before I pop off or become to weak to complete the task, I’m not ill just 42 🙂

The bucket list / dream lines 

#1 – Ride Mont Ventoux and other great epic cycling climbs

#2 – Travel first class without worrying that its cost a fortune 🙂 (I’m tight with money but being 6ft 2″ long haul is a pain in the arse)

#3 – Own a VW transporter custom 🙂 last 2 months I’ve been toying selling the car then I want a big VW transporter a new one or at least 3-4 years old, do you realise how much a VAN costs ?? your talking £20,000 for a shiny one with all the gadgets DSG 7 speed etc.

#4 tba

Micro Manage

Sean talks about that in one of his #1MinaDay videos, about thinking about the next step eg maybe getting dressed to elevate stress so I guess its logical to minimise your next step to avoid such things. best start breakfast before I plan anything else, and searching for a van isn’t required (March 2015)


I’ve started making videos on youtube (MrRicey155) since the my new action camera came along (Shimano CM1000) its fun and a great way to share my stuff, Sean talks about getting feedback on such things. I like the idea on that.

Seems gone are the days where I’m emotionally up and down since the reduction of meat, CARBS all the way for me and I like the new ME 🙂 #LongMayItContinue #SteadyState


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