Eating the right stuff to be motivated !! more lifestyle changes

Never really thought my diet was overly bad, but after introducing the nutri ninja “blender” and cutting back on meat I seem to be hitting highs in happiness again. One of the reasons I’ve not been writing my blog is I always need to share my thoughts when I seem to be in a dark place.

But since I’ve cut out the meat intake my body is starting to move forward, I’ve always wanted that flat stomach and hitting the road miles for the last 3 years hasn’t given me what I thought I should achieve, mainly as I read beer is the first thing we burn as energy so the food we build up is then stored as FAT not the alcohol so cutting down to a Friday evening beer and a half has also worked wonders and its been so easy.

And then we went to pretty much just one meal with chicken “Sunday lunch” and just eating as much as I want in fact just eating all day it seems. banana’s by the bucket load, pears, dates, rice etc just anything for the CARB loading.

My biking has improved along with my mood, my sleep except for tonight is 90% better and everything is off by 10.15pm these days, so its looks like my body likes CARBS I’ve embraced the turbo trainer on days I can’t get out (I have my son) being a stat at home dad, a quick 20 min hit gives me plenty of space for FOOD / FUEL !!

So short and sweet try a different eating plan if things aren’t working, you might just not be a meat eater and just a fruit and CARB person. The weight is dropping slowly that was never intentional this years plan was to get strong again move on from the shoulder/ neck issues last year, and just not break down again.

I guess at 42 years old you need to stop trying ? or do you need to KEEP UP ?? I think I’m in the KEEP UP MINDSET !!!

BREAD AND POTATOES AREN’T THE ENEMY IT SEEMS and since I can’t remember the last time I eat red meat maybe the digestion was the key after all, not breaking down the heavy slabs of meat.

Here’s to looking my best and doing my best in 2015, healthy mind and body !! I need to reread the chimp paradox “mind management” book again for that extra push !!! strong mind healthy body no stopping me this year šŸ™‚

Onwards to the summer and more happy days ahead I’ve started doing my cycling VLOG on youtube for fun on rides check it out if your a cycling road fan – HERE


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