Looking back at its only 3 years ago I did my first ever 50 miles :-)

I honestly can’t believe my first 50 miles was only 12th March 2012 I t feels like I’ve been cycling for 5-6 years properly, but stats don’t lie 🙂 so my 3 years cycling birthday is a month after my 42nd. I covered it in 16.9 mph cadence 82rpm.

My progress has been excellent and boy do I feel great these days, all mainly because of a photo at Lizzies graduation day I didn’t like, things really do creep up on you and BOOM your overweight and lazy / PASSED IT. Don’t let that happen take control and get moving.

endo stats  Mileage tracker missing about 100 when I used MapMyRides

My new diet Lifestyle change is working and my motivation is higher than ever, I just need to rub off on Liz and get her motivated infact I’m going to make it my 2015 mission to get her busy and super fit / slim again what ever it takes.

As DurianRider says #CarbTheF???Up

2015 I’m not mileage driven but motivated to get stronger and quicker and put in the miles with a big smile 🙂 – life can soon turn around when you eat the right stuff that suits your body, its took me nearly 42 years to work it out and only on the back of listening to DurianRider on youtube banging out the suger / carbs message. Its not for all but seems to be for me at present. My pretty much meat free eating plan is showing signs of working with more energy, I feel happier and less grumpy, I feel lighter (i’m not) + combined with a month off the pop “DryJanuary” its the right direction I believe.

happy days are here again and hopefully to stay !!!!!!!!


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