Food addiction and the biscuit hunter !

People just don’t listen just yesterday I think I got through at last, to be fair the wife’s mum is great but I’m not sure she understands fully I have an addiction to everything.

Sounds silly doesn’t it ? but I can go without beer, wine, cake and anything sweet as long as its not been SEEN ! yes seen if I catch my eye on anything that’s BAD that’s it.

So like today the wife has left belvita breakfast biscuits in the cupboard so boom nearly gone, I just can’t resist the temptation for a sugar hit, I’ve found it easy to abstain from the beer and doesn’t cross my mind at all.

Since Cameron was born 26 months ago we swapped from Tesco to Lidl / Aldi like most have these days but for me its not a money saving issue its more control on eating. Its ideal you get pretty much one choice on brand so no confusion like Tesco with there 5/6 choices to smash my tiny brain to bits. Lidl = control

anyway Ann took the chocolate peanuts home after a tiny chat about they won’t last 1 minute if they stay and then I will feel really shitty on the back of eating them. I sound like I’m 10 stone overweight 🙂 I guess I want to be in control and it makes it easy to not eat rubbish if its not near by !!!!

WE invested in a nutri ninja blender a week back stocking up on fruit and veg rather than biscuits and chocolate seems to work unless I get left little presents to tempt me to the dark side !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cut out the crap its no good for you, you can be so much better fitter stronger on REAL FOOD !!!!!


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