Less talk more action – lifestyle change and eating plan (This is not a diet)

Think it finally nearing 42 might have clicked ? maybe 🙂

I follow a few vegan yOuTubers and don’t get me wrong I have no intention to go veggie or vegan but some stuff clicks, Harley aka DurianRider promotes CARBS and his catchphrase is CTFU drink before your thirsty and eat before your hungry not as we were told as youngsters ? and mood swings when your under carbed ?

So remove more of the sweet stuff I not saying no more cakes or treats just be sensible your trying to attain a GOAL !!!

A lot less meat but hold on to the bacon sarnie every other week 🙂 being a mad keen cyclist I suffer from peaks and troughs one day I’m super high the next I’m on a downer I’m a massive believer having read Harleys CTFU EBOOK that I’m a serial under eater after exercise or at least I’m not eating the correct food to sustain my fitness output ? If you read this and have anything to add please post a comment I’d really like to hear it.

So based on DR’s book eat as much fruit and carbs as you can or want, eat till your full and eat plenty don’t calorie count and simple eat healthy food and go big ! less meat less protein etc etc reading on they say protein is hard to digest quickly I’ve seen a change on carbs (more toilet time) eating more rice / pasta and as said eating a lot more !

fruit ? in the UK its never ripe always tart or bland i was a cricket nets last year and I had a speckled banana and one of the kids said your never going to eat that ? its bad or off surely and you know what I had exactly the same outlook for years its speckled or black its off RIGHT ? well doesn’t it taste SWEET 🙂 I’ve also found supermarket fruit takes time don’t expect it too be good from day 1 pears take nearly a week to come good and god they taste amazing when fully ripe ! never again will I eat unripe fruit.

Plenty of waffle coming out today maybe I’m over carbed up ? anyway my mood is strong and I feel happy

Another youtuber worth a follow is Joe Best aka BestTransformation who recently did an 11 part series on his food addiction opened my eyes up to how people even myself struggle with fads ? and really need to change / embrace CHANGE for the better.

The wife made a lovely casserole yesterday tasted amazing but as we discussed it the meat was the let down the vegetables were excellent so for me a fully veggie casserole is a must 🙂 replace the bland meat with extra veggies sweet potatoes, potatoes maybe add rice to bulk it out and add extra carbs “anyway recipes are for another day ”

More fruit when you need the sweet hit a super ripe banana replaces the cake slice and a few sweet dates replacing the pudding  / ice cream lollies.

another step forward on the game changer / lifestyle change I will get it cracked and get lean (remove the gut I’ve worked on for 27 years drinking alcohol !!!!!! i’m not fat I’d just like to see a few more ripples ideally 6 rather than 1 / 2

What’s with dry-January ? giving up a fat based liquid for 1 month a year isn’t going to solve anything but make you crave it even more, quite an easy month for me as I’m cured with drinking rubbish and filling my body with BAD CARBS trying to replenish my energy loss !! How many times have I drank 4-5 beers after 6hrs intense sport #StupidIdiot never once did I sit down with a recovery drink or water to replace the loss and wonder why I woke up Sunday morning feeling so bad. yet all it took was to re hydrate properly and be sensible yet my addiction never let me !!!

anyway enough waffle – #ProblemHalvedProblemSolved

Extract from DurianRider eBook

Worth a try


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