This is worth a share for sure #MassiveGoal #Cycling

So the new year pops around again and your thinking about giving up drink. coffee or the 3 packets of crisps you eat every day, scanning about as you do when your bored I came across this guy trying to break a 70 year old record.

After demolishing my favorite biscuits over the last day there’s no hope of a diet LOL anyway if your keen on records or just love somebody who has a go check his website out HERE or strava if you like STATS HERE

There is also American Kurt Searvogel (52) having a go 75,065 miles in a year best up my game x 10 🙂 205 miles a day pray for quality shorts and no saddle sores 🙂 Kurts strava link HERE must be going big soon ??

fair play even trying a massive goal, make you think about your own status / goals 🙂 #ItsTooCold

Back to the sofa for a rest tiring all this writing !!!!!


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