Emotions, negativity a lack of drive

Not sure where to start and if it makes sense I’ll be even more amazed.

Why can’t we start all over from scratch with the knowledge we gained through the years ??? put it right

So emotions I’m split 70/30% most weeks with my MOOD, I’m find it difficult to get motivated some days however much drive I’ve got ! I must say I’ve lost a lot in the last 5 to 10 years. i refer to my cricket I’m quiet happy practicing the sport than actually playing it which would have been totally unheard of 15 years ago.

I still have no control over my emotions and probably never will by the looks of it, some days I feel it might be best if I wasn’t here any longer or at least as far away as possible. Were only a number I’m not sure I’ll be missed but then I look into my little boys eyes and for a short while I smile and my mind takes a different outlook.

My wife is a great support and to be fair takes all my sh%t and turns into a positive somehow maybe that’s why were together so she can NURSE me through it all, I no longer claim to be a strong man emotionally, in fact I’m quiet weak.

So as a team it works well even with my lack of drive and inner negative thoughts, I’m glad I found cycling that seems to be my release for sure. People look at me gone out when I tell them I just want to ride my bike and not be competitive Β or race but I think if I finally go that direction the fun & stress free leisure time will be lost.

Don’t get me wrong I’ll happily ride a sportive, thrash around with strave KOM segment in mind and drive myself hard to get better but NOT get involved in leagues and pressure !!!!!

I Don’t do gifts I also hate spending money !! and I hate it being spent on me. I hate hand outs and people who simply milk the system and give nothing back in life. (deep down its nice getting stuff, I just don’t show it well)

All I need a shack at the bottom of a smooth tarmac road below a steady 7-8% climb and the internet and youtube πŸ™‚ oh and the family to keep me going πŸ™‚

As always I’m sharing my thoughts mainly to remove them from my head and get them down on paper πŸ™‚

#ProblemSharedIsAProblemhalved / Solved – I guess more new resolutions for 2015 on there way πŸ™‚

Have a good holiday period, stay safe be happy

PHEW breathe again πŸ™‚ hard when your nackered and have a damn cold !



  1. I find it difficult as well buddy. Motivation is an emotion, like you say. It is also and ultimately a perception. I do find that my motivation wanes during the cold, grey days of the year. This is simply explained by the reduction of sunlight, which trigger the physiological changes.

    The mind-body connection is affected by many different aspects and we are each as equally different in how we respond to those triggers or aspects. I typically have no problem at all in the Summer, I’m always itching to get out ride or do some activity. But right now, I’m struggling, like you.

    Some of the things I do to combat the lack of motivation is, a combination of things. I take a Calcium+D supplement in the Fall/Winter months. I take a big spoonful of pure maple syrup and-or raw honey (unprocessed sugars) if I am feeling a bit low on energy, I eat lots of fruit and try to scale back on the heavy carbs in the cold months. Unless it’s a post ride meal, in which case I will bulk up on the pasta! I try to expose myself to natural light and if that is not possible, incandescent light as a back up.

    I also like to watch a variety of sports that inspires me or ramps me up. For me, it’s moto roadracing, and TdF-Giro highlights. Some good heavy rock is key too. I take my mp3 player along so I can stay focused. (right earbud only!)

    As silly as this might sound, I have also discovered that I actually have a bit more incentive this year, because I really enjoy riding my bike, yes, it’s a stiff, but it handles like a crotch rocket and it looks amazingly good. Just staring at it makes me want to throw a leg over it!

    You have to try and find something, whatever it is that can ignite the spark, to help motivate you.
    Now get out there Ricey! Go burn some calories buddy!


    1. Cheers mate excellent reply helps a lot, I think I just need to get myself out there more I’ve got so much going on in my head and it never gets done.

      Get in the car get some MTB done again over the winter Cannock chase a must, I’ve got the top 100 uk climb book I’ve done 3 I need to do more as climbing is where its at ARE YOU A PROPER CYCLING then climbing hills is a must πŸ™‚

      I like the sun as you said I like a tan, Next winter as a family we need to go away rather than man it out in the GLOOM 😦 winter is horrid who invented it ?

      I wish global warming would hurry up and give me my share of winter sun infact all year sun πŸ™‚ #Harsh

      The more I write the better I feel every time πŸ™‚ #NeedAPlanOfAction

  2. LMOA! Yes, bring on that Warming! (too bad we’re actually Cooling! Damn it) This winter bit is a mega bugger. Sounds like a good plan, do some MTB’ing (I have to get some in as well) and maybe get away next winter! Up the Irons mate! Fook old man winter! πŸ˜€

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