I need to MOVE !!

I need to live in a warm climate with super fast broadband and 5 spare bikes (CX, MTB and road)

I’m fed up with the cold damp wet rides and flat boring area’s doing the same sh$t every day in and out, life has got to be more interesting than THIS ??

I keep having this vision me riding in summer kit up a steady climb with the sun beating down on me and my tan looking great 🙂 yet when I look in the mirror all i see is pasty white Russ and no climb in sight 😦


I failed big time last effort due to poor training and equipment (36/50 compact & bent hanger) so I need to go back but you need to be 100% fit and it seems lately all I do is suffer from either a snotty nose or a sore throat 😦

the new camera shimano cm1000 is ready and waiting just need to get motivated ASAP and remove it from my brain



  1. I’m SO with you Ricey. I loath the cold too. I do picture myself climbing up the iconic mountains of Italy, France, Switzerland Austria and Germany…but at this point it’s only a dream. Here I am, and there across the pond are some of the best climbs and roads in the world. It’s a bummer…but cannot be changed at the moment. Perhaps someday we will find our cycling nirvana!


  2. True I need a lottery win a nice RV and a tour 🙂 there’s some good long climbs in the US mate but I guess not overly close

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