Lack of fuel for the job & calorie counting errors (Lifestyle upgrade week 18)

I have plenty of free time on my hands and plenty of google / YouTube research is done through the week, my personal favourite if you read my blog is Harley Johnson aka DurianRIder and his vegan lifestyle #RawTill4 based plans.

I’m a full grown up and OK I’m not a vegan I’m not even a veggie but lately me and the strife have started eating less meat and more fish and i’d say I’m feeling like I’ve more energy (except for catching every cold the little lad brings home that is)

There’s a serious amount of crap out there and everyone has a view a diet that is the best, but as DR says you need carb the fuck up, fruit I need to eat more I need to eat more πŸ™‚ ripe fruit is the best we never let it ripped and the bland taste puts us of bothering, but a good apple, pear or banana that’s fully ripe is the best sweets you can eat.

I’ve done some parent brainwashing with little Cameron he thinks dates and figs are sweets πŸ™‚ #BadDaddy So the message to myself eat less pre packaged stuff and get on the sweets (fruit)

My plan for alcohol has been amended slightly the initial monster on your shoulder telling you your missing out, went a while ago it took ages. I no longer “CRAVE” the stuff. Here’s the BUT πŸ™‚ I can now enjoy a half of real ale or a glass or two of red wine, OK it offers nothing it doesn’t make your stronger, fitter or any healthier but like a good cheese burger or full rack of ribs smothered in unhealthy sauces a little often isn’t going to stop the search for a totally lean body.

my goal is to be lean, no excess body fat my body won’t be perfect but lean is the GOAL but healthy (make the hills a little easier)

Note to self: carb the fΒ£ck up before a ride EVERY RIDE you can’t run the engine on fresh air and mind power ?????

18 weeks in mind is becoming clearer, things are settling down Xiaomi MiBand is helping track the sleep pattern, that’s also getting better. The tea and coffee intake experiment seems to be also working (cutting down)

right less waffle that’s it you can stop reading my crap and get some work done πŸ™‚ as always I hope it all makes sense if not leave a reply tell me where I’m going wrong other than reading stuff on GOOGLE πŸ™‚

the last word – stretching for us old one’s is a must, your not young any more Russell so get it done every day !!!


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