Strava climbing challenge November 2014

Warning: might be boring 🙂 but I’m writing it anyway !!!

Needed something new to keep the spirit high over the winter months and strava came up with a beauty for November.

We have the idea to visit Mont Ventoux at some stage in the future and many other epic cimbs, but with the flattish terrain around the area decent challenging tests aren’t available so this 3 week challenge was just the start we needed.

Taken from the challenge website
8 November 2014 — 27 November 2014
In the second edition of the Strava Climbing Challenge, we move from the hills of Britain to take on the world’s highest mountain. Strava is challenging you to climb the cumulative elevation of Mt. Everest in 20 days (or less*).

Do you have what it takes to climb 8,848 meters (29,029ft) between November 8th and November 27th? Prove your love of climbing by summiting as many mountains and doing as many hill repeats as necessary to earn the Challenge finisher badge.

We signed up mostly the lads #WhitestoneWheelers only 5 but seeing as winter nights are upon us its very difficult as we found out to complete the challenge, one downside is we don’t have a nice flowing climb to work. I set up various HOW MANY SERIES  climbs (REPS) it all started with Steppey Hill between Atherstone & Nuneaton not far from Dobies garden centre Nr Mancetter. The first challenge day was horrific hard cold rain and wind to boot, but we ventured out and hit Steppey reps (up, down, up and you have 1 HOW MANY) Steppey is approx 9% how many avg 7% (strava link here) 146ft per climb so I started with 5 how many’s and 10 climbs and rode home supported all the way by the little lad (2 yrs old) and the wife.

Stat’s lets get them out the way
Ride 1: 20.8 miles – 1856ft (cold, wet windy)
Ride 2: 59.3 miles – 2188ft (Sunday ride with the wheelers, wasn’t going to get the challenge done)
Ride 3: 34.8 miles – 2542ft (More hill reps church lane Arley, less miles more altitude) How many #2
Ride 4: 20.2 miles – 1095ft (bonus ride with John)
Ride 5: 31.8 miles – 2007ft (Hanger issues again, DI2 only shifting to 4th great for Steppey grinding)
So cut the stats short and have a chat, 13th November and we sat at 9688ft needing 29029 and 19341 left it seemed a long way from being completed, this challenge needed some effort and respect of a big fail was around the corner.
back to the stat’s bear with me 🙂
Ride 6: 54.7 miles – 4025ft (sore throat and the start of a cold lovely) Saturday ride
Ride 7: 30.1 miles – 2047ft (dragged myself out)
Ride 8: 31.8 miles – 2122ft (Headed over to Maxstoke for a 1.4 miles steady 3.3%) How Many #3
Ride 9: 33.2 miles – 2253ft (by this time I was just trying to get around 2k+ feet to keep on track)
Total so far with 7 days to go 20,135ft its been a struggle and bloody cold along the way. #winterisgrim
Ride 10: 24.5 Miles – 2043ft (Roped John into Croft Hill reps) How Many #6 in the series (REPS)
Ride 11: 21.3 Miles – 1018ft (Your not made of sugar but I’m not a fkin canoe either) yes it was WET !!!!!
Ride 12: 31 miles – 2001ft (Saturday part 2 dry this time and the right clothing)
Ride 13: 37.2 miles – 3005ft (met up with SiCube another challenge goer, he was behind and smashed 6600ft)
So we needed 1000ft to complete the challenge, and to be honest my mojo had worn down, the cold I had through the challenge didn’t help and as my climbing had got stronger the final day was a GRIND FOR SURE !  We hit the original climb and just 3 reps and the challenge was over.
Last ride: no 14 25.8 miles – 1,348ft (cold but dry 29,029ft done and dusted sounds an easy task but believe me your mindset and cycling around Warwickshire this is tough.
Far play to the lads SiCube, Merlin, Coopy and Luke. Coopy has a few feet to climb to complete as I write this and Luke is 3000 metres off so I can’t see that being done. Coopy had the best day riding up and down the Burway 10 times and 10,000ft that’s and epic effort strava link here
Having finished off the challenge I’m going to plan for 2015 to hit a few of the top 100 UK climbs from the book by Simon Warren, only done 3 so far and with the epic fail at the Burway with the wrong gearing and no brakes that’s a must to complete its only rated as 9/10
On to the next challenge its got to be better than endless mile hunting !!! you need a plan after 2 years and 7,000 miles per annum it really isn’t overly interesting. less miles maybe harder miles more climbing more focus for 2015.

Oh and get fit again no more ankle, achilles, shoulder, neck or back problems would be nice.
on the up side I’ve treated myself to a new action camera on the back of this 🙂 #treatyourself


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