How many does it take ?? local climbs for Mont Ventoux training ??

After a brief discussion on facebook about how many reps would it take to climb Mont Ventoux. I’m going to go through the locally based climbs within reach to us without slogging around the country to see how many you need to do REPS to complete the challenge.

Mont Ventoux info on this website climb by bike  1629 heightmeters – 5298 feet (21.5km or 13.36 miles)

Lets start with Maxstoke 1.2 miles long avg gradient 4% 265ft so hit it 19 times and your a Ventouxer (not quiet)

Steppey hill (Purley chase) 0.4miles 146ft gained 7% grade only 36 times ?? 10 was enough

Boot Hill (too much traffic about and speed humps) 4% 246ft 1.1 miles long 21.5 takes your all the way (but not hard enough)

more to follow this is just the start

ClimbByBike website top 50 UK climbs my legs hurt thinking about I’ve only done the BURWAY and failed at that and that’s number 30 bugger !!!! go here

The Burway is just a mere 5.83 times (Bonus) no problem for Mr Ian Coop (who smashed it 10 times in November 2014)

I fancy pikes peak in Colorado (one for the bucket list)


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