November 2014 Strava climbing challenge #stravaproveit

If you read my Chinese carbon bike build blog you will know I’ve decided to take on the strava climbing challenge between 8th & the 27th November 2014.

All that’s need is 29,029ft in the 20 days a mere 1451.45 ft per day easy job, sadly life doesn’t work like that and I’ve got 12 days riding in the 20 days (maybe a few bonus Wednesdays) 2419ft per ride not easy when your hitting 20/30 miles in Warwickshire to achieve.

It all started Saturday and with support from the wife and Camerooney we did a quick hour doing reps up a local 7% climb be it only for 0.4 miles 146ft per go and the starting number was 10 REPS excellent Strava Then I rode home not much added but stretched the legs a little.

1857ft on the 1st day in foul weather good job we had the foul weather protection on #CastelliGabba and boy it does a good job, horrid day not overly warm around 6 degree’s no overheating and not cold flying down the slop to start it all again BONUS, the no rain sportful shorts id ok considering the horrid road surface.

the kit works the legs worked OK and we hit the start button “all OK” 4 rides in were 26% through having climbed 2,342 metres (8848 mtrs to complete the challenge) confused ?? we started in feet and ended in metres “happy days”

So the upside I’ve got a goal I want to achieve, my cycling has missed that lately so thanks to strava for that šŸ™‚ and by god its not an easy challenge especially in the winter months and its turned a little more damp and cold for the challenge so the legs ache a bit more and the lungs feel cold !!!!

More 2morro only 35 miles and 2,500ft getting nearer shame we don’t live nr Mont Ventoux or a major climb to make it so easy, reps are boring but hopefully it might give my climbing a kick up the arse.

chow for now


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