Lifestyle changes for the good !

Morning campers

Monday see’s the 15 week effort to change my habits and promote a better lifestyle and all for the better I may add, I wrote about the Allen Carr book a few posts back and taking full control of my habits. I believe I have an addictive personality or at least strong habits be it drinking or hitting the biscuit tin & needing a hot drink every 30 mins (boiling the kettle OCD !!!

OK a lot of the eating habit is down to cycling and the need to replace the calories, I track my intake with MyFitnessPro app most days AND NEVER CHEAT THE FACTS (some do as shown on various tv shows on losing weight) I’m not overly fussed about losing weight more toning up (again I’ve craved a fit body for years but never fully committed)

I follow Harley aka durian rider (ctfu) on youtube here – he’s vegan talks a lot of sense and is super toned and fit and also a keen cyclist and funny to boot 🙂  so next week we start a 2 week meat free diet just to see the difference it makes ?? will it give us more energy ? who knows best try it and maybe make another life changing decision ? all I can say is things haven’t work for 41 years so something needs to give and it needs to be soon.

So as Harley says a lot make a lifestyle decision not a fad not a diet MAKE THE CHANGE !!!!!

I like meat but do we really need it ? I’m starting to see things differently lately.

Have a good weekend – get out there and enjoy yourself !!!!!!!!


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